Friday, November 15, 2019

Finders, Keepers!

I don't know if any of you can relate...but I spend a lot of my time looking for one particular stamp, piece of paper, or die when setting out to make a card. So this time, I kept to new acquisitions and a few oldies but rarely used to make what I hope to be a masculine Christmas card!Everything was near my desk and I didn't have to look through drawers or bins so that was nice!
Don't you just love this plaid? It is one of my splurges this year in the Stampin' Up Holiday catalog and I hesitated a minute before ordering it. Immediately I saw a perfect backdrop for a small scene.
My card has a 3 stamped evergreen from "The Greetery," a small deer die cut from Stampin' Up and a"Merry Christmas" die I've had for awhile and wanted to use. The matting and die are done with a mirror gold paper which I save for Christmas. I put this together really late at night and just fiddled with the place of everything and then finally glued it down. The plaid strip on the side helped to anchor the scene. 
If you're wondering the reason for my blog title, this card will most likely go to my brother and his wife. He admitted that he does not keep my cards or any cards, but throws them away. Maybe this will be a keeper at least for a season as it kind of goes with their decor. We will see. Oh well, I enjoyed the challenge and mixing all the sets and dies. 
Take care, have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's absolutely beautiful, Traci! It's masculine, yet gender neutral. Who would NOT love this card? The thing is, we can get overwhelmed with so many supplies to choose from, and it seems to go much more quickly when we limit supplies. Love everything about this. I especially like how that narrow strip of plaid brings background and foreground together.

  2. Yes I have those troubles and tend to just say whatever in the end at times. HA! This is very pretty. The plaid paper is yes indeed wonderful.


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