Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome Miss Beulah!!

Miss me? The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity and unexpected happenings in my family! We had to move both daughters on opposite sides of the U.S. over the summer. Our oldest went to be with her fiance in Satatoga Springs, New York in June. Our youngest had just moved to a new townhome right in the heart of the city of Denver...when she decided very suddenly to take on a job challenge in California. The job is not new, but is an 18 month temporary extended training to increase her knowledge of the different aspects of the company she is in. She really loves challenges.
But this Mom had had enough of the "empty nest." Seriously, a long time has gone into bringing this little girl home...and a lot of planning and pursuing. The timing though, I had no control over...and wouldn't you know we picked her up the day after dropping our youngest daughter off at the airport?!
I named her "Beulah," which is a very special place to me where I used to visit my Nana and Papa in the mountains of Colorado. After looking up the name and discovering it's meaning, I thought it quite fitting for her. The word, Beulah, means "Promised Land."
Puppy sleeping
Mommy needs a nap too!!

Thanks so much for welcoming our new little fur ball. She won't stay small for long, so I'm spending all my free time playing, cuddling, and lots and lots of potty breaks. I will share a new picture soon!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!