Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Things to Do" Mini Notebook and Paper Foibles!

I've been a little quiet lately. It is wedding countdown time in our house...our oldest daughter is getting married this August after a year long engagement. Not having been through this before, I find I am feeling a multitude of mixed feelings all at once...but the one taking up the most space lately is stressed out!! Oh my...and I am not even planning the big event. I did innocently offer to address all the wedding invitations in my nicest handwriting and tried to add a little bit of calligraphy and embellishment to each address. My daughter ordered the invitations so I thought to myself how easy this will be...just address and mail! Well, the invites came with five separate inserts...the invitation itself, the RSVP card, inner envelope and envelope liner as well as the reception card. After a couple of weeks of hand cramps, it came time to add the liners. The liner was my fall from grace...I think I had a brain lapse the day I did those...each had an adhesive strip and all you had to do was line that liner evenly with the envelope flap...and after telling my husband that I could not go for a boat ride because I needed to "finish these up"...I spent an afternoon using my Un-Du adhesive remover to remove (pry) the liner adhesive and a lot of muttering under my breath because the liners kept coming out crooked on the top. I did 62 liners before I realized that maybe I was supposed to wait as I faintly recalled her fiance telling me he had a special ordered embosser with the return address. I quickly text ed our daughter and discovered that the liners were supposed to be inserted...glued in for good...after the envelope flap was embossed. Groan...
Now I had a simple wedding. It  was very special to me.  But it was not the grandiose event that young women have nowadays.  My husband and I were young and I was still in college when we were wed. I remember writing out my own invitations. There were no rsvp cards, liners, was just the invitation. Definitely no special order embosser. So I looked frantically online, googling and what not and I still don't have an answer. So I have 62 envelope liners to remove, then emboss the envelope flap, then reinsert. And hope there are no tears in these very expensive invitations. But that project is at a standstill because unlike Mom who can rearrange her schedule for months to accommodate her daughter's wedding planning...companies that make custom embossers take their time.
In between that I have bought one mother of the bride dress, special ordered and returned two more (in two different sizes) and ordered my last one and I am feeling much calmer now that I know I have a dress that is not layers of polyester with sequins and metallic covering me head to toe.That is four dresses and one to keep. What is it with Mother of the Bride dresses? I am ready to write a review on each of the sites I ordered from and mention that Mothers of the Bride are usually also menopausal and get hot.  We have an outdoor mountain wedding in August. I have been very gently but firmly instructed that black and ivory were not acceptable colors. The wedding party is in gray and blush...neither of which I want to wear in a gown. I don't wear sleeveless but I don't want to be covered in polyester either. It seems to me the options are very limited. But my dress is beautiful and I am just really happy it fit and I don't have to return it. It is silk, lightweight and airy, long sleeved and navy! And I am thankful.
Anyway...those are my wedding planning adventures(capers, mishaps) and I am ready for a break already.
I hadn't planned on writing about all of this.
But since this blog is a journal of "Major Moments" let's just say I have had several this past couple of weeks.
I took a break from the frantic run around to make this cute notebook. It reminds me of when I was young and would play "office" with my little notepads. Simple pretty colored papers that I would write very important notes and tear off.  I loved paper even back then.
Thanks so much for your visit and patience with this post. I am sure I will find humor in all of this someday!

This was using last week's Make it Monday tutorial on the Capture the Moment blog from Papertrey Ink.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Favorite Peonies Card

This was such a beautiful weekend here in Colorado; following a long week of rains. The rains have greened up our lawn and the canopy of trees off our backyard deck has beckoned me to sit outside and just relax and listen to nature's sounds. one peony bush is blooming! I had to make one last tribute to these gorgeous blooms. This one is fashioned in a blush pink peachy hue. It is my favorite from the single digital stamp I purchased from Power Poppy!
I appreciate you visiting, taking a moment of your day...and hope you leave here blessed! Have a wonderful week!