Friday, June 5, 2009

Tilda Recovers from Spray Tan

Tilda Two Weeks After Spray Tan

The other day I started my Tilda card with the wide wavy gingham background paper. I have had that paper for eons, and thought it paired well with the marigold gold. I colored and colored, and kept noticing that the more I colored this little girl, the darker she became, and more mottled her face appeared as I tried in vain to "correct" her skin tones. It dawned on me a little late, that I had stamped this image earlier in the wrong ink for copics, and the copics were bleeding slightly. It kind of reminded me of many summers ago when one of my daughters, on a vacation trip to Florida, insisted that she and her girlfriend get a "spray tan." I agreed with hesitation, figuring it would go down in history as a fun memory. Well, the next day she was distraught as she woke up to her skin with patches of varying pigments of brown, and she tried to exfoliate and wash and shower to get the scales to release themselves. I could almost hear my Tilda telling me to change the angle of the lens so as not to show off her mottled tan, but you won't say anything will ya?So, she insisted I take another photo later after her skin had renewed itself, and there she is in all her fair glory! (scroll up!)
Well, truth be told I did both of these for the Magnolia Blog Challenge only to realize I was late with the waiting for Tilda's skin to improve...oh well, today's a new challenge and I will look into it.
I used my wonderful Magnolia Tilda's for both of these creations. I even went on a shopping spree to find these little butterflys, they were on a flat ribbon trim sold by the yard at Joanne's . The challenge was to include a bug or insect, so that was my insect!
There is no moral to this story, only another challenge to conquer within the given time frame, wish me luck on that one...I only have one more week!
Thanks for stopping by on this fine spring day, and don't forget to wear sunscreen!


  1. I had my first giggle at the title and then continued to grin throughout the story.....we all have those 'tan' moments with images.....yours 'recovered' beautifully

  2. I am cracking up here... You are too cute. I love her spray tan.. I have done this too. It is so frustrating. I will let you in on a little secret..Shhhh don't tell anyone.

    Quite often my Tilda's get a face lift. Well almost always. I find the face the hardest to color. So if I mess up one I always just stamp a new image, color the face, cut it out and paper piece it over the old one. I am usually coloring the face last and rarely get it right...

    I think these are both precious. I love these images. Keep on stamping girl..

  3. Oh, Dawn, or should I call you Dr. Dawn?? Giggle...What a wonderful tip, and I think I have a surgical knife here somewhere...thanks so much for sharing your doctoring secrets!! You always inspire me with these Tilda's.

  4. Traci this is great!! I didn't realize you got a blog! It is awsome!! love this card too!

    Holly (dork)

  5. That gingham paper is too lovely! And we need to fin a source for just gingham paper, they match Tilda so nicely! And I remember when my daughter did the same thing with a spray tan, except her skin turned orange! :) A great lesson in why we don't do these things.

  6. TraciLeadFootDorkDot, you are so comical! I loved reading poor Tilda's sad spray tan story. Looks like everything came out just fine, though! She is so cute. Good luck on the challenge!

  7. Traci, you are so funny! Tilda looks like the fake tan has worn off & she's wearing her SPF 50 these days to prevent getting burned. The nice thing about being Tilda is she never has to worry about her nose getting sunburned. LOL! Very pretty cards!


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