Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Just a quick post today...returned home from California last night, and we are leaving for our mountain condo today! How come vacations make you so tired?? I have to say, I'd like one more day of recovery from our travel time, but it's not going to happen.
So I wanted to say thank you again for posting your wonderful comments on marriage. I had my husband pull a name from the paper to go cup in our hotel room, how techno is that?? LOL...but anyways, here it is:
Dawn!! (Flowergal36) Congratulations!! Dawn's 10 year anniversary was the same day as ours...isn't that so cool?? She also had some great advice full of huggin and kissin, you can read it in her post on the link below the previous one! I will be so thrilled to send you your new stuff as soon as I get back. Meanwhile, have fun looking for a Magnolia stamp of your choice, and just send me a pm with a link (of your favorite Tilda stamp) and I can get that ordered for you. Please be sure to include your address for me!!
So, the picture is of some coasters I made...remember my posting about marriage being a sheltering tree? Well, these are the trees from the SU set, "Thoughts and Prayers", stamped in olive green stazon. The word, "blessings" is stamped in brown stazon...then the outside of the tiles is lined with Krylon copper marker for a little more finished look! These are simple but have a nice look to them. I have done a water dunk and soak just to be sure they are waterproof, and they are!
Hope everyone is having a nice summer. Tea will be on the boat tomorrow on the lake...anybody have a recipe for an Arnold Palmer? I've heard they are good, but have no idea what's in them!!
Thanks for stopping in...see you soon!


  1. I think you blend a golf ball with a crushed up tee, add some tea and sip but watch out for the splinters. :) Pretty coasters and yay for Dawn!

  2. Congrats to Dawn! She is such a sweetheart and will appreciate having her name drawn. Your coasters are so pretty, Traci. Have fun at the condo, you travelin' maniac!

  3. Yeeee-Hawww, Dawn! Good for you!!!

    Love the coasters, Traci. Very neato! Enjoy your time in Steamboat! And, I keep meanig to say, I love the music on your blog!

  4. Awwww you sweetie. I never win anything..LOL. I am so happy. You keep that Tilda for your stamping. I love what you have been doing with them..P.S. I was in Florida celebrating my anniversary. I look like a Tilda that needs a facelift. Sunburnt...Eeks. Wish it were that easy. At least a Tilda doesn't peel...LOL..
    Hugs and love to you..

  5. Ooops I love the coasters. I am thinking I need to try that drink. I love tea and lemonade. Have fun. Wish my girls were here with me...


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