Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sumo Wrestling meets Refinement

Today is another Tuesday...my wonderfully fun friend, Cindy, (Mothermark) has a Tuesday Teapot Challenge that always has me giggling the day away!! Today's challenge was inspired by a very unusual teapot and challenge card by Cindy herself. The card was a Sumo wrestler...oh my...and so I knew there'd be a rowdy group today. So my idea was to bring a bit of refinement to this party, and stand way back, hey where's my fan? There is flying sushi in here...duck!!

You can check out her teapot card here:

I used my Artfully Asian stamp set and gold embossed, then filled in with a blender pen using ruby red and blue bayou inks. The insert is a bookmark using an antiqued brad. The outside belt is some of this wonderful designer paper and some Papertrey ribbon gifted by my dear friend, Linda Borneman...and her kimono card is where I found today's inspiration. Thanks so much Linda! Here is Linda's card:

The tutorial for this kimono card can be found here:

I admit to not following written directions well, so the pictures were a big help to me in the tutorial. It still took me three times to get this right...my advice...start with copy paper to not ruin good cardstock!!
Thanks for coming by today, and no coffee, but would you like a cup of sake??


  1. Very pretty card Traci...I really like the Asian theme.

  2. Super duper cute. Love how you stayed with Cindy's wonderful Japanese theme!

  3. Thanks for offering a sip o'saki! The teaparty is still in full swing but I am doing my drinking on the sly...you know how it is, the hostess has to be well behaved! So, I'll just be here a minute, take a drink or two and then head back to the bedlum! And you're right, its pretty much outa control!

    Your card was so creative and fun today Traci! I love that you brought refinement to the teaparty. Its our secret that you can put on one big bluff! Giggle!

  4. I'm thinking I should have stopped in for this party....sounds like a fun time......however, I find it hard to believe that MPSSD was on her best behavior as hostess......you, however, I would completely believe to be the elegant, refined one in the bunch.........

    great kimono by the way

  5. This is wonderful Traci. I have this tutorial saved and have never tried it. Love the paper and the ribbon. This is the perfect set to use for an asian look. Great job.

  6. What a cute card and a great idea to do the komono. You are so stylin' at the tea party. Love that music, girl. Reminds me of some wonderful friends in Colorado (and my California side kick) that I saw this movie with
    last summer. It was fun spending time with you and Cindy. Hope to do it again someday soon.


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