Monday, June 15, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time...huh???

If you live in Colorado, you would know that we have had 9 straight days of severe weather...including sleet, baseball sized hail, tornadoes...and overall just yucky!! Even our weather reporters are starting to look a little haggard on the 9 o'clock news!! Yesterday's news showed a snowman constructed from hail complete with hat and glasses...

So that explains my confusing card today! My friend Charlene (Lilluvsstampin on SCS) issued a challenge on the CCEE blog today to make a Tri-Shutter card. Now, I have never made one of these and just the thought of cutting/scoring etc...was enough to slightly overwhelm me so I had to keep the rest just as simple as I could...Enter this adorable little gingerbread cooking set I purchased a couple of years ago...these little gingerbread men, mixing bowl and rolling pin, and cookie cutter pack were some left from cookie packages I made last year. I figured I can use this card to accompany some Christmas goodies, but more importantly, I completed a challenge on the same day!! Whoa, that's an accomplishment right there, plus I am ready for something come Christmas...maybe a cookie baking party. You want to come over??

You can see the CCEE blog here: and view all of the 8 entries for this friendly challenge! There is some truly amazingly talented women and you've got to take a look!!

This was actually pretty easy, but my little card won't fit into an A2 envelope because I really did go outside the box...oh well!
For the tutorial on how to do one of these Tri-shutter cards, visit Bonnie's blog here:

Thanks for stopping by today, and thanks for the challenge, Charlene!!


  1. Hee! Hee! I love that how you were inspired Traci. Specially after sitting at my desk today hearing another tornado warning with hail, heavy rain, and wind bearing down outside my window! No big deal, just our daily tornado spotting...

    Good for you doing a technique! Its great, really, really cute. I love the little hint of red . Thanks for playing Traci!

  2. wow......New Jersey also had giant hail recently......had to shovel several inches of 'hail'......weird weather, eh???? in CT we have had rain most of May and June.....

    anyhow.....beautiful aced this

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