Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Columbine

Good morning~ I just wanted to share a photograph I took about this time last year at our mountain retreat ...these columbines were clustered next to an Aspen tree near the front walkway. I love columbines, and have a few growing randomly in our "garden" here at home. The garden is a loose term, it is a patch of dirt that my youngest daughter took upon herself to plant a variety of flowers with no real design or taking into account the sun and soil requirements. She was about 13 at the time, and even this many years later, the columbines have thrived. I think that is why I like this flower so much, besides the fact that it is our state flower here in Colorado. It grows without notice, without much work on the gardener's part. In spite of it's delicate look and tendrils, it is a very hardy yet beautifully detailed flower. If you click on this photo you can get a better picture.

Today is one of those running around days, and even though I have a couple of unfinished cards on my desk, they will have to wait. But wanted to share this little bit of inspiration with you! Hope your day has a touch of awe somewhere, so many times it is the little things that we just need to pause and notice~the little gifts God provides along the way. Thanks so much for stopping in.


  1. Columbines are such pretty flowers. I cannot wait to see them myself when we head to Telluride at the end of this month. Very nice photo Traci!

  2. Thanks for sharing....I love flowers.....and these are indeed beautiful

    Hope your day is the same....beautiful, that is!!!

  3. A beautiful photo and a good reminder to each of us to take notice of and be thankful for the small things in every day life, Traci!

  4. Traci these are so pretty. I am so glad you shared this. I am a flowergal lover. Just can't stamp them..

  5. why aren't these showing up?


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