Friday, June 26, 2009

It's my Anniversary!!

Edit to Add:
Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments...the post deadline is Sunday at that might be midnight California time so you figure out the time zones...anyway you know what I mean!!

Hi, just a quick post from California...and no it's not really sunny, I am in the Northern part and it's kind of cool and a bit of fog but always beautiful!
Today is my husband and my anniversary, and to celebrate, I want to give something away!
So I've done some creative thinking, and decided that I will be giving:
1. 27 feet of a variety of pretty ribbons (Can you guess the length of our marriage?)
2. 27 1/4 sheets of Bella's designer paper (Bella, Bella Bird, etc...)
3. One bottle of my favorite glue. (Because we all need glue to hold our marriage together.)
4. One Tilda stamp (your choice) **only if you love her as much as I do!! (Tilda has no mouth, so she knows when to keep hers shut...wink!!)

To enter, just leave me a your comment tell me how long you've been married and one small piece of advice for the secret of maintaining a happy marriage. If you're not married, you can still enter, of course...this is just in celebration of marriage.

So here's my small piece of advice,
Marriage goes through stages...if you don't like the one you're in, just wait it out and it will change to a new one!! Now that almost sounds like I'm talking about the weather...But in honesty, I fear too many people give up on their marriage too soon. Women
typically rely on those magical feelings from love songs to validate their relationships...but our feelings do change... just like the weather. And when the storms hit, and they will, where do you go for shelter? I like to think of marriage as a sheltering tree from the storms of life...where you can be safe with each other. That is my goal for my make it a shelter from the storms of life.

I am so thankful my marriage has lasted through the years and give God all the glory for that...He is the sustainer of all relationships!! He handpicked my husband just for me, and I am in awe of what a great job He did!! :)
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments!
I truly hope we can all be encouraged from reading through these~

The winner will be picked and posted early next week after we return from our trip!


  1. Oh my gosh Traci it is my hubby and I's anniversary too... How awesome is that. 10 years for us. God did a great job with mine too. My piece of advice is never forget to tell each other you love one another each day. My rule is don't leave each day without a kiss and hug...
    Hugs to you and have fun...

  2. How clever you are, Miss Traci and CONGRATS on the 27th Anniversary! Doug and I will celebrate our 12th on 7/26. I give God the credit for our 12 years too. Certainly, we could not do this thing called marriage without HIS help! Advice?? Let the little things go and don't make a mountain out of a mole hill! :) Have fun on your trip! Sounds like you are having a great time!

    Hugs and love you, dorky sis!

  3. Happy 27th Anniversary, Traci!
    Joel and I have been married for 9 years. We will hit 10 on 11/13/09.
    My advice is to put the marriage first. If you do the rest will fall into place. I am working on this right now as my attention has been focusing on the kids. Joel and I have a date tomorrow!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
    -Karen Lynn

  4. First of all, the song you had playing on your blog today made me cry, I used to sing Christopher Robin to my kids when they were little . . . I think I'm in that frame of mind nowadays . . , a watering pot. :)

    Happy anniversary to you and your dear hubby. We're all babies in marriage compared to you. My husband and I will be celebrating our tenth this October. I thank God every day He gave me a second chance at marriage and for the man he sent to me. What a gift he truly is.

    Marriage advice . . . work on it every day, its worth it. Hang on during the tough times. Ignore the small stuff and 99% of it is small stuff, because remember you have your 'small' stuff in your habits and personality too, nobody's perfect and if they were I wouldn't be a good match for them! Focus on the positive and look for the good in the other person. Enjoy your time in California.

  5. Happy Anniversary, my friend, and I wish you an infinite number of years more......full of happiness and friendship and love.

    No advice from this unmarried

  6. HAPPY 27TH ANNIVERSARY, TraciLeadFootDorkDot!! Awesome accomplishment, my friend, and I love your advice to others to not give up so easily. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary on 10/1/09.

    I agree with all of the bits of advice given so far to weather the storm, don't sweat the small stuff, and make your marriage your number one priority. Communication is key to a successful marriage. I think women especially expect men to read their minds, and since men cannot, we have a tendency to get upset with them because they didn't automatically KNOW what may be bothering us. So, ladies, you have to communicate!

    I hope you're having a wonderful time on your trip, sweet Traci!

  7. Congrats Traci! You are always my inspiration.

    We will be married 20 years on 8/12. Wow, time has gone quickly, at least MOST of it. Advice. Hmmm. Marriage is not 50/50. It's 100/100. You both need to give all to your spouse. Some days are "Marriage Vow" days. Those are the days when you have to remember that you stood "before God & everybody" and said, "til DEATH us do part." Immediately after that you MUST think of the Bible verse that says, "You shall not murder." :) As Beth Moore once said, "You just keep getting up every morning." It's hard work, but worth the effort.

    Love you sweet Traci!

  8. happy aniversary...and wishing you and hubby many many more years of wedded bliss.
    I read your post and of course it brought me to tears. You are such a shining example for us gals. are so very clever the way you did your blog candy.

    and...God is still working on my handsome prince...OR maybe more honestly...God is still working on me for him. LOL!

    Love ya,


  9. June 26 is our anniversary too ... 38 years. Lots of good times. Some not so good. We celebrated by going to a charming bed and breakfast ... where he went to bed at 9 so he could get up for a marathon at 6 am. I walked the beach alone and found some beautiful stones, all different, all very worn by the waves. I hope the years have worn off some of my rough edges as well.
    I know I am too late for the drawing deadline, but wanted to share that we share anniversaries. June 26 is a very lucky day to be married.


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