Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Uncle Beeford and the Boys in Booneville!!

The teapot party has been seen in swarms moving south to Booneville, Mississippi! According to Mothermark, we are requested to not worry about rsvp'ing but just bring on the bees!! I don't know why, I can never understand her stories, but they are hilarious, and entertain everyone week after week!

My card was also for today's sketch challenge issued by Rox on SCS.

To participate in this week's Teapot Tuesday and read the story and see the most creative cards in the on the Teapot Tuesday button on my sidebar!!

Thanks for looking, hope to see ya at the party!


  1. what a wonderful use of the sketch, Traci....that bee is certainly happ'bee'....wonder if Muddermark has made a count of the bees brought to the parte????

  2. I haven't ventured to the sketch challenges yet, but I did help wrangle one Bee for Uncle B!

  3. Ooooh I am sooo jealous you got to play!! Your card it really buzzin there girl!! That must be cause you are such a honey!!!

    Tee Hee!

  4. Traci! Did you see that big fat bumble bee chasing that little skinny one?? Yeah, and when the little one darted to the left instead of flying through the shed door, the big fat one couldn't make the turn and splatted big time against the side of the shed??? Yeah, its a mess, lets go see if we can find someone to clean that up!! Snort!

    You glad you showed up! I love your wonderful little bee card..nuttin' better with a bee card than that designer paper you used! Its just precious! Hugs...see you tonight! I won't forget my shoes!

  5. This is adorable!!! Maybe you could stamp me some bees??

  6. Whadda ya mean you don't understand her stories? Yer just as goofy as she is! Hee! This is such a cute card. I musta been out in the shed when you arrived; sorry I missed ya, buddy!


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