Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tulip for Joanne (JoJot)

Today is Featured Stamper today on Splitcoast Stampers...and this time I even know the featured stamper!! I have been a long time admirer of Joanne's ability to stamp at least or sometimes more than once a day. I looked in her gallery, and there were over 1,000 cards!! (all beautiful, by the way~)That alone tells me she is heads and shoulders better than me, as it takes me that long to usually find my stamp set. Here's an example...this morning I log on to see that Joanne is featured stamper. Yipee!! After spending at least an hour in her gallery, I decide to CASE one of her many examples using the Snow Swirled set. I spend at least two hours turning my stamp room upside down looking for the Snow Swirled stamp set. By about noon, I am questioning whether I ever actually bought this set...maybe I am imagining stamping with it, or maybe I made a card at stamp class?? I do this way too often, being such a visual person, I can see myself stamping with this set. I just can't see where I put it when I was done.
Meanwhile, Joanne has probably stamped a few stacks of gift sets...something she probably does in her sleep!!

This is Joanne's card I chose to case:

Oh, well, so I turned to Joann's signature style of red and lah...And I do have the perfect tulip from Flourishes. So coloring this was the quickest part of my card...the rest was cutting and making layers, another thing I don't do often enough. This baby is layered up, for sure!! But I did it all for Joanne, and I stretched myself with those layers!! Oh, and I made my own designer paper using black paper and a white craft stamp pad run across the inside of my cuttlebug folder. I liked that was fast!!
I really enjoy featured stamper day, and Joanne's style is one that I hope I can CASE more of. Congratulations Joanne!! Enjoy your day...
And now back to my stamp room to search for my lost set.
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  1. You added a new song to your blog!! And a new card, a beauty! And I like all the layers . . .I think you should watch it about that stretching thing though, you're already taller than I am.

  2. Can you hear me laughing all the way over here on the East Coast... You are so funny. I love that you just knew you had that set. I do the same thing. I just cleaned but it gets so messy so fast. LOL....

    This card looks just like your blog design. I love both. This is one of my favorite flower sets and eeks I can't stamp flowers. Super job Traci...Hugs. Thanks for making me laugh..

  3. Traci you crack me up!! I can just see you looking all around that beautiful room of yours looking for the stamp set. How funny!!

    Your card is beautiful!! And so Joanne.

  4. Ya know what, made me feel so 'normal'.....describing how YOU couldn't find your stamp set....having been in your stamp room I just can't imagine that is true cuz it was pretty spiffy the day I was my basement stamp cave....that is a totally different

    this is a glad you played

  5. What a gorgeous card! Well, you are a dork and you aren't the only one. Want to help me find my missing camera?

  6. This is such a rich card! Beautiful colors, beautiful coloring! It is so Jojot! You definately did her proud Traci! Good job!


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