Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look Ma, no Ink!!!

Happy Sunday!! It's a good thing the VSN challenge this weekend issued by my friend, Peggysue, was limited to 45 minutes! I set my timer, and I found myself reaching for one more ribbon just as the buzzer buzzed!! The challenge was to make a card using no ink...the idea behind it that you are on a limited diet!! I know all about limited diets, we just recently came off a no-iodine diet at our home. It was part of my husband's thyroid removal treatment and that was a lot bigger challenge than this card. Did you know iodine is in everything?
Anyways, on to the card...I had seen these fan-fold flowers at the bottom of this week's tutorial for a tri-shutter card. I loved the idea of making your own flowers, and so gave it a whirl. Other than the fact my flower just kept popping up like a tiddly-wink every time I tried to tame it down to put the backing on, this was fun! I do like the end result. The only problem I see is there is absolutely no way this will ever fit in an is either a box card or hand-delivered type of card! Oh and if you look closely between those two black ribbons, there is a rub-on sentiment, "Make a Wish."
This was also made for today's featured stamper on SCS, VA. Sunshine! She has amazing talent, and gave me the color inspiration for my creation!
So the fan fold technique is here:

Just in case you feel like playing tiddly-winks!!
Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, and thanks for stopping by!! Could you please do me a favor before you leave and sign my guest book at the bottom of the page?? I somehow lost the first one, don't know how that happened! But sure would love to see you here!


  1. Traci, this is the prettiest card! Wow, what you achieved without ink is amazing! Thank you for playing my challenge. I love the paper choice and the ribbon. I used to love tiddlywinks when I was a girl, so that flower sounds like the technique for me to try! I laughed when you wrote that, funny girl!

  2. Ooo, Traci, how pretty. I don't think I could have done Peggysue's challenge. No ink? That's just not right!

  3. You are too cute. I love your tiddly winks. I need to try one of these flowers. They look awesome. I just got some of this yummy paper. The last sheet at my LSS. Your colors are perfect. Great job..I did not know anything about iodine in your food. I wonder what it does to food. Hope your hubby is doing great. He is on my prayer list..Hugs.

  4. Oh My! at first glance I thought that flower was a fabric one... it folding!?!?! UFF DA! Beautiful card... and to think no ink!

  5. Traci....that bloom is so the 'home' you created for it is just fresh and delightful....tfs, gf

  6. A tiddly wink bloom??? I think you've started a new fad, my friend! And no stamping???? That would be pure punishment for me and yet you've managed to make a fabulously pretty card, Traci. Thanks for the chuckles and sharing your talent. Snugs!

  7. Love the fan fold, I just tried one with my scor pal, but your's is so much prettier!


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