Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tilda makes her Mark

Tilda is getting ready for back to school, and her Mom just took her shopping. It wasn't long ago that Tilda was dressed in polyester pantsuits, usually out of some subdued (ugly) gold or brown sewn on Mom's old Singer, but this year she begged her Mom to take her shopping to a real store where she could buy this pretty jumpsuit. The brown shirt is from last year's pile, but with this pink number, it looks brand new!! Tilda is so excited, she even stuffed her pockets with art supplies, her ruler, paintbrush, and pencil. She is ready for art class after many summer days of helping her Mommy in the craft room!!
This is for the Magnolia challenge to use buttons on your card, and this one has quite a few! I used my Papertrey collections in Raspberry Fizz, browns, and creams. The bottom button is a flower I made using cardstock handtorn into circles. The circles were spritzed with water, crumpled up, uncrumpled and then each corner was wrapped around a stylus tip and rolled up. This helped me to use some different colors to tie the card together.
Thanks to my friend, Dawn (flowergal36) for sending me this Tilda image...I love her!!
Thanks for stopping by. Tilda is going to do a model runway of the rest of her school wardrobe, won't you join us in the living room? I have some fresh lemonade!
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  1. Hmmm....the fashion show and lemonade in your wonderful living room sounds fabulous. This card is just so darn sweet.....

    and.....just another chance for me to thank you for that piece of art that arrived here in CT today and MADE MY are just the sweetest......

  2. LOL... I used to wear polyester pants to school every day.. I think that was all my mom owned. This is ADORABLE. I am so glad you got to play today. She looks so pretty in her new get up. I am sure the boys will be following her. Although she looks pretty smart.. I got the most incredible happy mail sweet thang you...Huge hugs. Love it...

  3. Tilda is looking smashing in her back to school attire! I'm glad her mom has such good fashion sense. I'm wondering if your girls ever had an outfit like this? She's just darling!

  4. Love your card! My girls aren't ready to look like that yet. LOL! Tilda really looks gorgeous and all ready for school! Love your colors and layout! Great coloring too!

  5. Supercute and the colors are great.

  6. Djr ;ppld ;pbr;u smf yjsy ;oyy;r . . . that's what you type when your fingers are in the wrong position on the keyboard and you don't have your glasses on. What I was saying is that she looks quite fine in her new outfit and hey! I had some of those ugly polyester suits and thought they were soooo coool!


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