Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks Beth!!

My dork sister, Beth, bestowed this fun blog award to all the dorks (well those that had blogs!!)

I am honored to receive this!! Thanks Miss Beth!!

You are supposed to tell ten things about here they are...Think think think...

1. I love Jesus, my country, my husband, family and friends!

2. I love the creative process of stamping. But I am not good at figuring out how to assemble templates unless I have a video. If you know how to do this, come on over!! I am a slow stamper, so if you like something, leave me a comment. Maybe I'll be motivated to spend another three hours on my next card. :)

3. I wouldn't recommend getting a Corgi dog unless you love to vacume.

4. I kinda like to vacume.

5, I kinda like my Corgi.

6. I live in Colorado, and feel most at home in the mountains with a nice creek!!

7. My last job was doing home visitation/companionship/and respite care for elderly.

8. I want to learn to take better pictures, and hope to take a photography class.

9. I enjoy decorating and faux painting/stenciling.

10. I love my stamping friends!

That is my exciting ten honest things for today. Most likely this will be edited when my brain shifts past neutral. I need to think of a few people to pass this along to.

Meanwhile, you can visit Beth's blog here:

Beth is one amazing stamper, and she does home daycare and runs a scrapbooking business as well. She is one busy woman and one wonderful friend!


  1. Awww, love you to pieces, Traci!!! Thanks for the sweet words! Love your 10 things...and I think I would love living in Colorado too....esp. if I lived close to YOU!..and that motherdork person, or coarse! :)

  2. I love reading this about you..LOL. I don't think I will get a corgi although they are darn cute. I haven't seen the mountains in Colorado for 20 years. Hugs to you...

  3. This is funny, it made me laugh! Okay, I need to fix my blog, it isn't updating your web site, here I thought you hadn't posted anything in three weeks! Glad you like your Corgi, do you like your Daisy? I vacuum twice a day now, good thing I like my doggie too.


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