Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the Lake

Saying Hi from Steamboat Lake about 30 miles outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado! My husband, daughter, and I took the boat out for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. The clouds overhead are looking ominous, but we made it until we docked and then the rain came down in huge droplets. I was able to take a picture of a patch of daisys sunning themselves right outside the marina store, and changed out the snowy mountain from my previous header. I hope this brings a little sunshine your way!
Our adventure: My daughter is better than I am with the boat, so she was behind the wheel and her job was to swing by the dock and pickup her Dad. Well, the starter was cranked over a dozen times while Tom stood, then sat on the dock waiting for a ride. We meanwhile drifted further and further from dock and were quickly heading out past the buoys. I was getting a little nervous as our boat was tilted towards the muddy shore and still no start. Finally, after an estimated 15 minutes, the engine started. A bit of a relief...but it was comical to see my husband becoming a distant speck and contemplating how many olympic size swimming pools were between him and us and would he be able to swim out to rescue us. Alas, it did not happen.
That bald topped mountain in the background is Hahn's Peak. It only looks dark because of the skies overhead, normally it is a friendly looking mountaintop!

Thanks for stopping iced tea on the boat, I forgot to bring it. But Erin, who works on the golf course and serves beverages off her golf cart, informed me that an Arnold Palmer is just an equal mix of iced tea and lemonade. How simple is that? Hope you are having a good summer and fun plans for the 4th of July!


  1. You and Erin are so gorgeous! So glad you are having fun at Steamboat. I'm SO proud of you for changing out the picture at the top. You are becoming so blog savvy! I'll need to ask you how to do these things! Yes, the flowers did brighten my day.

  2. My hubby has been beggin me to learn how to run our boat. I am too chicken. I am so glad you have some time away. Have fun. Your daughter is so pretty. She takes after you....Hugs.

  3. what a wonderful family glad it all went will....with stories to

  4. That is a sweet photo! I'm glad youre having fun. I'm sure Tom would have swum out to rescure you if he needed to do so.

  5. I love those beautiful daisies!!! You are quite the photographer. I'm glad you and Erin didn't have to be rescued from drifting out too far away----skeery! You both look so happy and beautiful! Happy 4th, sweet friend!


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