Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Power Poppy Wreaths

Hi there friends! I have a couple more Christmas cards to share before the year is over. This one features Power Poppy's stamp, "Wreaths Plain and Fancy." I wanted to venture out to blues and golds for this long and skinny card. The gold is a glittery  cardstock and the blue is a natural fiber paper. I decided this year to use my pretties that I  store up year round, and to give away as many of my cards as I possibly could.
Speaking of, my kind husband did the annual post office trip for me. I had ordered some white padded envelopes in bulk online. They were just slightly larger than an A 2 card. He brought one envelope back with a variety of stamps totaling around 2.75 because it did not have the correct zip code. He told me they were all charged that much postage.
Which means I was very irritated...and I'll have to work harder at flat cards for mailing unless it's a birthday, I couldn't believe that was how much itcost...especially after spending so much time on a card and purchasing the envelopes and then the trip to the mailbox.
However, I Do like this card and hope the recipient did as well. Thanks for popping in.
I am see now why stampers resort to one layer cards.

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  1. Oh, Traci, this is beautiful, and I so love all of these wreaths! Your coloring is gorgeous, and I love the tall card with the glitter border and lace. Yes, sadly, that's one of the reasons I try to stay with mail-friendly cards. It is terribly expensive to make a card and to mail it. May we both try harder for mail-friendly cards this year! Haha! Hugs and love, my dear friend! xoxo


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