Friday, February 5, 2010

My Favorite Flourishes

One more post today, please don't miss the last one, how often do I get two done in one day, anyways?
This week the Flourishes Design Team is issuing challenges in honor of their anniversary! This one I am participating in is using one of your favorite Flourishes stamps...
I have only a few Flourishes and I have to say I have more than one favorite...but this one I probably use most often, I love the feminine quality and the different looks you get if you use solid background, the black magic like my last one made with this set, or marker technique.
I also made a recipe of bath salts and used these little jars I use to hold buttons and primas from Hobby Lobby to hold these salts. Tied a lavendar polka dot ribbon around the rim and there it is!
I doubled this original recipe from Flourishes blog:
Bath Salts
1 cup coarse Sea Salt
1/2 Cup Epsom salts
1/2 tsp glycerine (found at pharmacies)
2-3 drops fragrance oil of your choice (I found at health food stores)
optional: 2-3 drops of food coloring
I doubled this and it made enough for 4 small jars and one larger one. I used the jasmine frangrance oil and added at least 6 drops then a bit has a heavenly fragrance. I already used this for a bath, and it was truly wonderful...about 1/2 of this jar is what I would use for a large soaking tub...appx 1/4 cup.
Enjoy the recipe and my thanks to Teresa Momber and this link here to see hers:


  1. feminine and soft and serene and lovely.....

    by the way, while I'm thinkin' of it...did your get your stamp sheets???

  2. Another soft and pretty one. Makes me wanna go take a long bath in lavendar! It's cold outside....maybe I'll just do it!!!!

  3. What a elegant and beautiful project!! I love the ribbon and pearl combination!

  4. Beautiful. Perfect February color. I make this bath salts all the time now. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. So the beautiful color,ribbons and the lovely oval!! Love those bath salts.

  6. Carla was so tickled to take this home to Lindsay nice of you to bring it to her...and its purple....the perfect color!

    Thank you so fun to have the recipe on your blog...I will have to remember that! Hugs.


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