Friday, May 22, 2009

"Mangy Moose" is Loose!!

So the headlines read, "Mangy Moose is Loose!!!" after I spotted this moose on our drive to Steamboat. My passengers, Lois and Peggysue , insisted I turn the car around to get a good shot...but what they didn't see the first time is "Mrs. Moose" getting all flirty with her moose lips all covered in red lipstick and her big bow trying to win over Mr. Moose. Now I feel kinda bad, because we all said, outloud, for the moose to hear, that this guy didn't look as handsome as most moose we had seen (mounted in some moose lodge or restaurant)...and in fact, I slipped and called him "mangy." I think he overheard and was an indignant moose, because this appeared, like I said, in the next day's "Moosely News. " So I think I need to write the editor in a formal apology!!

So, this moose card is my submission for the dork sisters' blog challenge, which had a series of lips on it, ( a make-up advertisement for Avon.) When I saw this flirty Mrs. Moose, I knew I wanted to use her in my card! Hope it gives you a giggle!


  1. Love the card, Traci. Soo cute and the story behind it is a fun one.

  2. you gave me a giggle.....made me think of Mothermark and my supposition of why you guys were stopping on the side of the rode....glad to say it was a moose and NOT the

    very cute card....memories.....

  3. How fun is this. I am sure the mangy moose is not offended at all. It must have been beautiful. Thanks for sharing.... Made me giggle..


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