Thursday, February 15, 2018

Steamboat Spring's 104th Winter Carnival

Erin and I (she's beautiful, isn't she?)
As I was driving to our mountain condo over this past weekend...I couldn't help notice there was hardly any snow and the Winter Carnival was set to take place the following morning. We were there for our daughter's birthday weekend and for my husband, an avid skier, to catch a few runs. The winding road leading up to the condo was bare in many spots, revealing lots of bleak gray foliage and mud where there should be sparkling snow. Such is winter at times.
But overnight, the snow came...and by morning and all through the entire day, it came down in downy wet crystals...sticking to everything.
It was magical...and I am glad for all the kiddos that participated in the festivities. The Main Street is closed off and the events of all ages being pulled by horses with real life cowboys who grew up riding horses on local ranches. So fun to watch!

Kids getting ready for the three legged race!

Locals and visitors line both sides of the street to watch the events which lasted until noon. In the background you can barely make out a dark strip halfway up...that is Howelson Hill ski jump where some past Olympian Gold medalists have practiced.
Cowboys and horses...oh my! What else can I say?
Walter -our daughter's dog
He's such a sweet natured and gentle creature. Everyone stopped, especially tiny reach out and stroke his fur. They must instinctively know what a sweet dog he is. And he loved all the attention!

Thanks for stopping in...I hope you're enjoying the winter weather wherever you are!

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