Sunday, November 19, 2017

November Power and Spark Challenge~Portion Control!

Hi again! My, but this isn't the most timeliest of challenges with our typical American Thanksgiving Day just around the corner with a lot of feasting and celebration going on! I am actually going to attempt to bake two desserts ahead of time and freeze them! That's because I don't like standing for hours on my hard kitchen floor and this way I can make as much ahead of time. But I also am wanting to try making small bars rather than pies...because if your family is anything like ours, no one can have just one dessert. The polite thing to do, I guess, is try one of everything. Aha! So this year, I'm going to be ready for the buffet line and make small bars to go on plates rather than your standard pie size. Think it'll work? Well, I'll let you know!
Sorry to get off on a tangent...what has me thinking "portion control" is this week's Power Poppy challenge by the Bloom Brigade, Cindy Lawrence, to practice "portion control" in your card making. I took out my very favorite Christmas stamp, "Heaven and Nature Sing," and just started playing around with it.  What I ended up with is the rose image stamped and white embossed in all four corners...and then I did the same with the holly image in this set on the tag. I don't recall that I've used this Spellbinders Die before...but the card turned out very pretty and very large. And it actually made me a bit dizzy with all the swirls and flourishes....What do you think?
It was really fun to see my stamps differently and find a new way to use this set and also be happy with the outcome!
I used silver glitter paper for the tag, and threaded two ribbons, a dark pink and white on top of each other and threaded those through the tag.

Here's a close up of the center panels:

This card brings back a do so may cards I make. Isn't it funny how our creativity so often comes from long ago memories filed away from childhood, or travel, or ??  Once I finished this and examined it closely...I realized I had first seen this color combination as a child when I'd been taken Christmas shopping by my Mom. I stood behind the gift wrap counter (in those days they had several samples of wrapped packages on the wall,) and thought as a young girl that I'd never seen anything more fancy and beautiful than  the bright pink package with silver ribbon and was so bedazzled by it. I don't recall if we took that package all wrapped up home with us, or even what the gift inside might have been...but that memory came flooding back when I saw my finished card.
Thanks so much for looking, and have a blessed day!

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  1. Traci you did indeed create a beautiful wrapped package as you remember with this card. You did get to take this one home with you. ;-) I LOVE all the die cut layers and the embossed flowers on the one layer are awesome. Simply gorgeous sweet friend!!!


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