Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beulah at Six Months!

Hi there, puppy loving friends! Our daughter got this cute camera shot over the Christmas holidays at our condo in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. You can see our newly renovated kitchen in the background, and this is one of my favorite expressions of our Beulah-girl...curious and playful. I also love this photo of Tom holding her. She is almost getting too big to sit in our laps my husband likes to tell me, "Our little girl is growing up..." And right now she is recovering from her surgery to spay her...oh, I feel so badly for her...she keeps looking at me with those wounded or is it sleepy? puppy eyes...and I just tell her she will feel better soon and give her lots of soothing puppy pats. Poor thing. I know she'll be back to her playful self in a few days...thanks so much for visiting and have a relaxing weekend~! *Oh, and when we picked her up last night at the vet's and we gave the receptionist her name, she says, "Oh, that was the really Pretty golden," if giving her special recognition. That was sweet, but I told her, "They are all really pretty..." And she laughed and agreed with me. Don't want to hurt any one's feelings...but truthfully, I think most dogs are "pretty," or "handsome..." but of course, Beulah is beautiful in our eyes. Awww....

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  1. Beaulah is absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you shared this photo. I remember when LuLu had her spay surgery. She was so pitiful and sweet when we first brought her home, but before long it was hard to keep her down. Your kitchen looks beautiful!


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