Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer at the Yampa River Botanic Gardens

Just sharing a few photographs I took on our recent weekend at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had just returned from a 3 day weekend in New York City with both daughters, future Mother-in-law of our daughter, and future sister-in-law for a wedding dress shopping weekend. I was tired.
I will be honest, I am not a big city gal by any stretch...and I had very little sleep. So to turn around and leave again after just unpacking my bags...I needed some peace and quiet and nature to soothe my traveling nerves.

The neat thing about these gardens is the earth is divided into subplots; and a community organization or group of people adopt a plot and plant it and care for it. So there is a lot of variety and I am sure pride in these gardens.

I wish I could remember what these spherical shaped flowers were...they were light and airy and the prettiest color!

Did I mention she found the dress?! It was actually the first dress she tried on...then just to be sure she tried on about 3 more...but went back to the first. I can not show pictures just yet of our dress shopping; as the wedding is still a year away! One thing I learned about New York is missing trees! So I found some as soon as I got home, and almost hugged one. We did see a lot in Central Park...but the city is severely lacking. Why did that not surprise me? 
Thanks so much for your visit...hope you have time to bask in the beauty of nature soon!

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  1. Beautiful looks rather calming. Glad she found a dress how cool!!!

  2. While I'm sure there was some fun in your shopping trip in the big city, I would be worn out, too, being a small town girl loving the quiet life. I'd love to see pictures, though! These gardens are so peaceful and serene. I love the idea of different groups maintaining plots.

  3. What a great place to unwind. My youngest daughter loves NYC. She wants to live there. Big, bustling cities are not for me either but I like to visit NYC. So much to do and see. I have been there many times. HOw exciting you are planning a wedding. Hope both girls are doing great.


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