Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Daughters on Graduation!

My youngest daughter, Erin, right on top, center on bottom...graduated this May from Colorado State University.  I realize she is missing her graduation cap...these were taken afterwards, and she took her cap off. I am so proud of Erin...she graduated with "high honors" with a degree in Business and an emphasis in International Business and Marketing. She also accomplished this in four years, including a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain last Spring. Her older sister, Caitlyn, came from Denver and we spent the day together. Our daughters have always been close, and the first photo is one of them being slightly silly doing what they call the "prom pose."
I love these pictures, it reminds me how blessed I am and how very proud I am to be the Mom of my two girls...well, I guess young women would be a better term!! And of course, my sweet husband was the one taking the pictures. He does not like to be in them, though, so I will spare him that.
This is our back deck with the neighborhood pond in the back...this Spring has been so lovely with all the green buds and some fresh rain.
So just wanted to share this happy moment...and praising God for it!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter~you must be so proud! That is quite an accomplishment. Your daughters are lovely~just like their mama.

  2. Congratulations on Erin's graduation. Both of your daughters look like lovely women.

  3. Such beautiful young women, too! Congratulations!

  4. What beautiful family photos... you must be so proud

  5. three beauties......and, if they are like you, my friend, they are beautiful inside and out....hugs

  6. Congrats to your daughter. They are beautiful girls as well.


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