Thursday, August 19, 2010

Serigraph!! Seriously?

Lately life seems to be one pit stop after another...the inbetweens are the little respites between big events. I would like to say that I handle all the changes in life with ease, that I glide through one transition after another...but that isn't the case. So in my effort to blog about the past two weeks, I have a little coaster I made using stazon inks, tissue paper, and modge podge. I still need to apply a coat of sealer to this, and it is not perfect, but if I wait for perfection, this blog will soon be a thing of the past! But I love the vibrancy of the colors and think is a project I want to try again using this technique!

The second is a card I made late last night...that should explain a lot!! I wanted to give this technique a whirl as I had seen it on my friend, Charlene's, blog (Where m&m's Gather here... and loved the look! So pulling out my inks and embossing powders, I went to town...thinking this would be quick and easy! Not so, but it was something different for me, and I think I might use this as a manly card. I used two different stamp sets and several distress inks for this. A simple sheer ribbon and the "HB" was stamped separately, punched and added last. I kind of like it...what do you think?
It is fun to take a break from your usual style and try something new...hope this inspires you as well!!
My word of caution: don't attempt this after midnight~!


  1. These are awesome Ms.Traci M...I love the wonderful colors you used. These are some of my favorite. I need to give that card technique a try..

    I think that trials and tribulations must be in the air these days. Just got back from a 3 week visit back home.. It is best to look forward and not into the past. I love the sentiment on your coaster. One that reminds me to just BREATHE...huge hugs

  2. This is gorgeous!! I so love your coaster and the modgepodge!! YOur card background and design is exquisite!

  3. Ha! This made me laugh, what are you doing staying up past midnight missy! Wow, we all are on a roller coaster lately . . . I hope life gets a little calmers in September! I like the coaster as well, spray on some sealant and send it off to a friend. *wink*

  4. I don't think anyone travels through life smoothly and without trepidation and doubts...but finding comfort in between in soooo important and you surely found beauty in your life when you created these....fabulous blooms and techniques...great results too


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