Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last of the Lazy Days of Summer

Good afternoon, sweet blogging friends!
I have been taking a break from here due to travel, but some have made inquiries as to my whereabouts...so thought maybe I should check in!
Late July, my husband, youngest daughter, and myself took a vacation to Portland and Seattle. Since I am away from my home computer, I can't show you any of those photographs, although I did upload them to Facebook about a week ago. We had such a nice time, driving around West Linn and Lake Oswego, Oregon, and driving by our first two homes we had while living there. The very first one is up this wriggly road that passes a creek and some strange looking homes. Our daughter, after seeing it and hearing of some of the things we did there called us hillbillies!! The nerve...I had to laugh. Well, we would take our canoe to the creek and row down it with our dog, we had a donkey friend that came to visit us in the backyard and would feed it apples and carrots, and I did some canning and made berry pie fillings. I guess that makes us hillbillies!!
Anyway, we got back and then turned around and drove up to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where we own a pretty condo tucked into a little patch of heaven with a creek running below it. When we get here, it is always tough to leave...so even though it is just me and the dog, I stayed. I am so enjoying it, don't know when I will come home!! There is so much to do here in the summer, even though it is known as a ski destination resort! There is hiking, a hot springs pool, fun shopping, furniture consignment stores, fishing, boating, gondola riding, lunch on the Yampa river, Fish Creek Falls, and a really nice botanical park where this photograph was taken. And a lot of amazing art galleries in the historical downtown area. Anyway, I have lots to do, including a quiet read on the deck and just plain ole relaxation!!
All except not being able to stamp, but I figure I can do that soon enough. Hope you are enjoying these last lazy days of summer!
Are there any things you have planned to do before the next season begins? I'd love to hear all about it!!


  1. Oh, Traci, your days sound like a little slice of Heaven to me right now. How I would love to sit a spell with you at your condo in Steamboat sipping on a cuppa joe that we both love and chatting away while we enjoyed the beautiful sights around us. You are truly blessed and deserving of this r&r, dear girl. Can't wait until you're back to stamping.
    To answer your question, my boss(and friend) chose 10 cards that I made and that's why I had to make the larger box. I sold the entire thing to her for $30 ($2.50/card plus $5.00 for the box and embellies), which my hubby said was too low, but I have a hard time charging friends too much. What do you think?

  2. Your condo sounds amazing! Sounds like you had a great time traveling with the family. But glad we have you back full time:)


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