Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Place of Rest

First off I just want to thank you who visited my blog and left such encouraging comments last week!! I do not like to "complain" on my blog, but I have to be my authentic self, even if that means at times sharing the burdens of my thanks for understanding and the uplifting comments.
I value my friends so much!!
An update on our daughter's surgery and a little bit of "history" which might explain my anxiety over it. Our youngest daughter had a ruptured appendix about 7 years ago that due to the displacement of the appendix and her symptoms which came and went for SEVERAL weeks...was left undiagnosed and treated as an ulcer by our doctor even after repeated visits. By the time I took her to the emergency room, she had an infection raging in her system that was affecting all her organs. The surgeon informed us she had only hours left to live had we not brought her in when we did, she would not have survived. The result was a 10 day hospital stay and another 3 months of very slow recovery.
Now, I am so grateful to say, our daughter is the picture of health. She takes good care of herself, exercises, watches her diet...but she was left with a very unsightly scar that she had wanted to have "revised." While I am not a fan of her going in for another surgery, I could understand her desire to have a cleaner scar and hopefully little reminder of what was left from this difficult time in her life. She went in Friday and even though it was a more traumatic surgery than she had thought it would be, the scar looks clean and it should heal very well. She is recovering very nicely and I've enjoyed the past 4 days of taking care of her.

This card was made for the Stamping Sisters in Chirst challenge this week. The verse is from Matthew 11:28: "Come to me you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest."

For me this week, the ease of my burdens, the rest in my soul, has come primarily through seeing my daughter's invigorated health and seeing her rest easily inspite of the pain. I have much comfort in just seeing her, having her here on this Earth, as in not losing her at an early age...I am grateful to God for giving her life and extending her days, and thus my joy!
This image reminds me of her in our garden. One year she planted sunflowers and they grew taller than her. And the sunflowers remind me of the sunshine she brings to my life!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer, and thanks again for your friendship!


  1. Oh what a lovely image on your card and thank God your daughter is doing well! Thank you playing with us at Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenges! Enjoy your daughter! Hope to see you again next week.

  2. That is a beautiful image Traci and you colored it so well. What lovely flower centers! I am so relieved to hear your DD is recuperating well, that's a trying time for a mom when their child is in surgery. One lovely card . . . which daughter does the image favor?

  3. Well this is such a lovely write up.. I think that verse was meant for you... It sums it all up.. Just put your trust in the one that gives us EVERYTHING... I am so glad that she is okay.. That must have been frightening times for you.. She is so lucky to have a family that loves and cares for her.. Especially YOU...:) hugs.

  4. Oops forgot to comment on the card..LOL... this is adorable.. I love sunflowers.. Cole excitedly brought one home from school in May. We planted it.. I just took his picture standing next to it.. It is twice as tall as him. Fun memories for us both.

  5. Hello Traci - what an anxious time for you and your daughter Traci - I am sure that you need some rest for your heart mind and body! Your card is gorgeous - I love that image and who can resist an sunflower = perfect for this weeks challenge! Sorry I am so slow to comment this week - we have been offline due to storms here - arghhh! Thanks for joining us at the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge this week, we love to have you with us! {{{hugs}}}
    Linda SSIC Design Team

  6. Traci what a beautiful card and beautiful reminder of Gods love. Thank you for joining Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge this week.


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