Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hip and Hippier

So, this is my version of a CAS (Clean and Simple) card inspired by the blog, "Simplicity." Except that it was supposed to be one layer and a repeated image. I got the repeat...but two layers for this baby...oh well.
I have to say, I think CAS is difficult, because placement is key. Exactness is mandatory. I am going to continue to work on this concept, because I need some calm and order in my life right now, and fussy just doesn't do it.
I think this is kind of a hip card...don't you? It uses colors that are in right now in the decorating, lime green, and blue. Not my normal color repertoire. And I imagine these cups on a painted black table, also hip. Not me, I still have cherry wood with brass hardware. But I can be hip in my cards...and that black and white gingham is the cool table runner I'd have my cups sitting mocha non-fat lattes with a shot of espresso. Made with my black espresso machine sitting on my hip countertop.
And the" hippier" ask? That is what I see when I look in the mirror. Which is why I should not stamp until I start exercising.
Thanks for looking, won't you join me for a latte? It's fat free and oh, so hip!!


  1. Traci I wasn't aware that hippier wasn't a trend. Here I thought I was leading the pack as a trend-setter and now discover I must exercise. I don't think lime green would help me sell the house as a decorating tool, but placement certainly will. This is one hip creation . . . from a hip lady, who I don't think of as hippier. Unless you're allowing out your inner 60s flower child.

  2. I was wondering why my hips were getting bigger.. I will blame it on the stamps.. I love this.. I am a huge tea drinker so you could have your latte and me my tea with this hip table runner... Great job.. Love this write up. Made me laugh after a tough day..


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