Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Work In Progress...

Good afternoon!
As promised, this is a photo update of our landscaping project. As you can see, the crew is working hard on the front porch and front walkways. Last week was pretty much taken up with just laying the stone and the grid, leveling, and the slate border of the front porch and step. The beginning of this week, they added grout to the porch and began the front walkway. Seeing the tediousness of the exactness used in laying out the front porch makes me think of stamping and the time we put into a layout and measuring. It makes me feel a little better about the time it takes me to get a card just right!
Thanks for coming by...I'll update again in a few days. They are supposed to be adding the plants, flowers, and trees later this week. I think that will make this all come together!!


  1. How exciting for you. You're right! The plants and flowers will bring it all together. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. Traci, it is looking good! I know you will love it when you are done with it! Between now & then do you need me to loan you some ear plugs? LOL!

  3. It does take time to measure and layer, however, I hope you are not walking on your cards once completed the way you will walk on the pathway in front of the house! :) I think it will look great when it is all done.

  4. I have always wanted to have big rocks like that.. This is going to be so pretty Traci.. I must come visit to see it IRL... I bet you can't wait for it to be done.. SO exciting.


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