Saturday, May 29, 2010

Want to see my dirt and rock collection?

Just want to give you some dirt on what's going on in my little corner of the world...hee...I don't like to gossip but this kind of dirt, I am happy to share!
We are doing a major overhaul (another bad pun) here at the Major household...a lot of dirt being hauled around. It all started with a few junipers that needed to be replaced. Once we had landscapers out, of course, it turned into the drainage was wrong and needed improvement, the sidewalk and front porch had cracking due to settling and so that meant more changes...
so what started as a small project is turning into a big one.
The first picture frames are following day one of pulling up plants and delivering boulders. The boulders scared me..they are BIG!! I mean, a little much...but they assured me that it would look good when it was all in place. The last frames show day 3 and what an improvement. We still have 2 weeks left...and I intend to show progress along the way.
All I can say is those men worked really hard...and I am glad I didn't have to try to move one of those rocks!!
Ok, if you get to the end of this, do me a favor and scroll down to my next post where I have something prettier than dirt for you. Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!


  1. Oh, wow! Everyone was talking about your boulders and know I know why!

  2. LOL! I am totally cracking up over Karen Lynn's comment! Traci, what fun to get a major landscape overhaul. This is looking really cool, and I can't wait to see the final result. Happy Memorial Day, gf!

  3. Very punny! Are you going to sling those boulders over your shoulder . . . like in the Scottish Highlands games? :) I am sure everything will look so very nice once it is done! Thanks for spreading the dirt around.

  4. oh wow, looks like a huge job! But it bet it will be fantastic when it's done!

  5. your home was beautiful already, so I am sure this project (once done) will just make it an even more gorgeous retreat from real life....enjoy the fact that other muscles will be strained from moving the rocks......have a cuppa tea and enjoy the journey....


  6. That is a MAJOR project at the Major house. I am so jealous.. I always wanted big boulders at my house.. Guess it helps when you live in a Boulder town...Great project.. Do we get to see finished results???


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