Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Ducky!!

In the stamping world, I find inspiration from so many things...window shopping, a front porch, a swatch of fabric, and in this case, a great piece of writing!!
A great friend of mine, known as Peggysue on SCS, wrote an article recently on a blog that is new to me. I am including a link : so you can have the pleasure of reading it for yourself!
I have a long time affection for ducks, so her title caught my attention right away! Even though Peggysue's words weren't related to stamping, my mind settled on these things. I thought about how even in stamping, I go through times when I don't know where my style fits in, or somedays, even what my style is. If I compare myself to others I easily become discouraged and lose my joy of creativity. While I enjoy learning different techniques, I sometimes become overwhelmed with all the new and latest die cuts, gadgets, and now the world of digi images is emerging. Sometimes I just want to run and hide. So rather than run, I think I will waddle on over to my stamp desk now... and find contentment and happiness with creating in my own little corner.
Thanks Peggysue, for inspiring me with your words and insight.
And I've given this some thought...there is only one kind of duck I don't want to be...look at my've heard of a "sitting duck..." so I will keep moving and hope you will read the entirety of Peggysue's entry and be blessed!!
Oh, and this uses this week's Mojo Monday sketch which you can check out on my sidebar.
Thanks for stopping by today!!


  1. What an adorable card and I am glad PS's words encouraged you. I like you style no matter what kind of a duck you are on any given day!

  2. Awww you are so sweet. I think your stamping is sensational. It becomes overwhelming and frustrating for me too. I have cut way back on all of my purchasing and wanting all the new things.. I think that creativity needs to be stressfree and easy on your budget or it becomes an ugly duckling..This image is so cute. I haven't seen this one. Hope your day is sunny and bright.. Your town is all over CNN.. That poor family and little one.. I hope he is okay..hugs.

  3. Wow! It was well intended that I stop by your blog today, Traci. I can so relate to what you wrote and then to be led to read Peggy Sue's devotional. I've had a rough day emotionally and so needed this. Bless you, my friend!
    I love your sweet duck card!

  4. you just need to be whatever kind of duck you want to be...and if you want to change your style ...well...then it is still YOUR style.....enjoy the experience and worry less about the style of it are such a sweetie.....may peace, calm, and contentment follow you wherever your creative spirit takes you

  5. This is such an adorable card. Kinda looks like this little ducky is choosing which way to go after getting back up.

  6. I know what kind of duck you are! I know! A sweet duck and one whose company I greatly enjoy, and whose stamping I enjoy too! Thanks for sharing the card which is so cute, and for posting a link to devotional. Your style if just like you, very sweet, lovely and always creative.

  7. That is a perfect duck! And so are you my friend, no matter what your style is today!


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