Thursday, October 29, 2009

Copper gets Snow!!

Good morning! It has been snowing here since night before last, steadily slowly and without let up!! These pictures give you an idea just how much...the first one is our Corgi named Copper . He didn't get to tunnel far off the back deck before realizing it was an insurmountable task for his short 4 legged body and turned around! No potty breaks for him for at least another 8 hours, hee!! The other photos show the back deck railings with the snow piled on top and in the background, the giant evergreen tree overladen with snow. It is supposed to snow more today, and I hope it doesn't as my husband's flight was cancelled once and he is scheduled to arrive here this afternoon...hopefully before dark and with shovel in hand!
While this is beautiful to look at and wonderful to stamp inside when the sparkly snow is falling, it is a worry with loved ones traveling the roads!
This snow is supposed to set a decade long record for our state...I'll let you know the latest in inches on my next post but as of last night it was 17 inches in Fort Collins!!
I have a card to upload later today, so I'll look for ya then!!


  1. Wow, that is a crazy lot of snow!

  2. I'm getting a chill just looking at it. I really hope your weather turns as drastically as you say it sometimes does and melts that stuff off!

  3. It's sooo deep! How are kids supposed to Trick or Treat in THAT? LOL! Brrrrr!

  4. well...maybe you can blame the snow on my middle nephew....he just moved out to your 'neighborhood' on Monday.....from BUFFALO, so the snow was falling to make him feel 'at home'

    Copper looks a bit frustrated

  5. If I did not experience this snow also, I would say you are pulling our leg! Snort! OMG! Copper could get lost in a storm like that! He might be an bear attacker but he wouldn't do so good against a polar bear! Hee!


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