Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday~Puppy Style!

This past October...our lives changed dramatically when after a very difficult season of consecutive losses (the most difficult was my Mother) ...we gained one very special puppy. I  named her Beulah. The name means "Promised Land," for that is what I believed we would see...a land of promise,  days of new hope, new beginnings, family relationships renewed, restored, happiness and joy after the state of sorrow begins to wane. I needed joy back in my life and I searched for a year for this little girl to join our family.
I spend so much of my time laughing now...and smiles seem to be a perpetual state of my heart. Puppies are a lot of work, I will be the first one to state that...but anyone who has had a puppy knows...the dividends outweigh the investment. I have heard friends tell me that they are about ready to get rid of a puppy after the first few months...and I just want to say, keep at it...keep training, keep giving lots of positive reinforcements, and realize that you are making an investment that will give back over many years!!
Beulah and her beloved socks sitting in our deck wicker chair. Sweet face! But the wicker couch that is on the other side? Well, that was chewed up before the end of summer! Naughty.
                                                    Our daughter, Erin, and Beulah
It was "puppy love" for our daughter, Erin, the first time she was able to fly in from her temporary home in Cupertino, California She could not get enough hugs, kisses, and carried her in her arms like this most of the weekend!  Melts my heart!!

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  1. Oh, Traci, my heart melts, my throat chokes up. I don't need to tell you how I feel about having dogs in my life. One needs to be ready for the responsibility of raising a puppy, and the outcome is well worth it. I never smile so much before we got Wally and LuLu!


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