Monday, January 30, 2012

Intentional Card Giving~Dayspring Cards!!

I've been thinking about my intentions with hand stamped cards for some time now. As with many of you, I love the act of creating cards, especially with a special person and occasion in mind. But sometimes, in the art of card making, the intention of card sending becomes secondary. Not that I don't have good intentions...but I become behind and then the timing seems off (especially in the case of an encouragement card, or a recent hardship, sympathy, or even congratulations on your new baby! ) All of these are occasions that need a quick response and timing is everything!
So, when I saw this offer from Dayspring to receive a free pack of cards (of my choosing)...I was so excited! And when my box arrived in the mail, I practically squealed, as my package of cards also came with this organizer that fits right into my goal of not only being intentional, but organized. This organizer is brightly colored with a fun print, has a pretty latch, and inside are removable Monthly lined pages for recording birthdays and special dates.

I love sending out encouragement cards. These cards, a collection from Holley Gerth, are contemporary, fun die cut shapes, and feminine with words that speak to the heart of the issue. Sometimes while writing the inside of a card, I am at a loss for words. Each of these cards contain words that are so heartfelt and true to scripture.
Here is one of the special sentiments titled, "Never Alone."
"You're never alone.
God is with you.
He knows your name.
He numbers the hairs on your head.
He understands the cares in your heart.
Every morning,
He's by your side.
Every night, He watches over you as you sleep.
There's never a moment
you're not in His thoughts...
never a day you're not in His care.
You're never on your own.
He whispers to your heart,
'You're forever My own.'"
And the inside scripture, "God is love, Whoever lives in love lives in God." 1John 4:16

I am part of a life group at church. We are a group of couples, widows, divorced,  a mixed group; all of us with our faults and frailties and yet God has brought us together to do "life." One woman in our group became widowed suddenly last year. I barely knew her at the time, yet my heart went out to her. In the past two weeks, she has been undergoing a trial  watching a son slowly suffer from a long term illness. She has been doing bedside vigils at the nursing home as she waits for him to leave this life and enter his eternal one. I am sending her this card to let her know she is in my thoughts, but more importantly, she is in God's thoughts.
I know this may seem like such a small thing, sending a card, but to the receiver it can mean the difference between feeling alone, or feeling loved. Feeling isolated, or feeling a part of. Feeling no one cares, to knowing someone is intentionally reaching out to you.

Please visit the {In}-Courage page to read more about the beautiful card selections and be encouraged to begin your own card ministry.
I was so blessed by this gift of cards and am resolved to hand pick a card from this beautiful assortment and mail it off...just because I care.
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  1. You are so sweet.. This post really spoke to me. I too find myself not creating for a certain person but just creating. I have been trying to do better about that. Your friend at church will really appreciate a card. They mean so much. Hugs..P.S. Send me some snow.

  2. Traci this is a beautiful post and heartfelt. A card is a card, you have to make or buy the card. Write in your heartfelt message and thoughts. Place postage and mail your card. In today's world of I am to busy that is becoming rare, one of the reasons I am teaching the boys how important a card is. So bought card or not they will love and appreciate your thoughtful card. Now that I am done babbling, great organizer and for free. Here here


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