Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Picture speaks a Thousand Words!

Good morning, blogging friends!! I could tell you where I am...but I imagine you can guess by the above photograph...which by the way, took forever to upload from my hotel room!! But here it is, and it is really beautiful!! Right now I am tucked away in a beautiful but secluded hotel outside of Chantilly, France. Since I have no car, I am relaxing in the room while my husband attends some planning meetings. Our room is surrounded by a miniature forest...so I think a walk exploring the grounds is in order. When I return home, I will upload more pictures from our trip.
The best thing about Paris...Rue de Cler...a quaint street with vendors and sidewalk cafes. If you walk to the end and around a corner, you'll have a great view of the above!!
The least favorite thing about Paris...shopping on the Champs de Lysse...(I think that is misspelled)...so crowded and people walk right through you...I had to get out of there without a single souvenir. I am thinking the streets of New York city may be similiar, at least that is what I've been told!
Missing: Starbucks coffee.


  1. Wowza! You are quite the world traveller Traci! That is so awesome! That picture is da bomb....very nicely done, even though you had trouble getting it uploaded! Your experiences are fun to read about. Can't wait to see more pictures when you get home! Be safe, have fun! Who needs souveneirs anyway right? Ha!

  2. What an awesome place to be :)..Gorgeous photo..

  3. Wow, Traci, that is awesome and I know you are having a great time.

  4. That is a great photo! Glad you are having some neat experiences, and I know from reading FB that you did find some cool souvenirs. Welcome back home.

  5. What a lovely photo, enjoy your trip!

  6. so glad you enjoyed your European holiday with your DH......I would prefer a small street over a major boulevard any day...hope you did too


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