Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Post Flourishes Christmas Card Challenge

NOte: please click on my card image and tell me what you see!!
No, silly, I am not still making Christmas cards!! But this is made for a Christmas card challenge from Flourishes monthly challenges on SCS. This month we were to make a card using something we had received for Christmas. I had initially planned on a saphire blue silk ribbon, but after completing this card with silver embossed image, pastel copic colored and silver pearls, the blue ribbon appeared a little garish and overwhelmed the card.
Which brings me to my point...note to self. Do not exacerbate yourself making a card to fit a challenge if the challenge ruins the card. Challenges are meant to help our craft, not ruin our cards. So after many attempts and angles, the ribbon was tossed and instead, I found a border from a received Christmas card, trimmed it, and added to the inside of my card for a pretty silver pastel border that compliments my card rather than competes with it. Sigh...feeling better now.
This will be a winter birthday card wish for a friend.
I plan on having blog candy for my next entry, so hope to see you then!!


  1. Just so beautiful!!!

  2. I agree, it doesn't do to force a challenge onto your card, go with your own creative flow. I am glad you were able to resurrect it, it is lovely.

  3. You are so cute.. I laughed at the "challenge" comment. I am loving what you did here Traci.. This set is one of my favs.. It brings back great memories and I like that it can be winter card..Great job.

  4. Traci,

    Beautiful card! I love the silver embossing and your ribbon is perfect.

  5. Stunning...and that description fits both your card and your new blog design. How gorgeous on both counts. When I clicked on your card, I saw snow! How did you do that? It IS a photo filter, right? Not real snow. Love everything about the card. So elegant and perfect for a winter birthday. Blessings on your day!

  6. the creative process can take twists and turns....we have to learn to accept its flexible journey.....

    beautiful, Traci


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