Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a "Major" Find!!

Most of you who read my blog (all 3 of you :) ) have actually seen my stamp room. But not many know that one of my favorite past times is bargain hunting on Craig's List...I usually drop in at least once a day and do my usual search. I have been looking for bookcases for over a year now, and two days ago, these are what I found!! I can't tell you how excited I was to see these, so much so that I ran to get my cash out of the bank faster than you can say, well what can you say in 15 minutes?? I even managed to stuff one of them in my car and drive home before the lady could change her mind!!
I have had a really nice two days just putting up pretty things on my shelves. I emptied out bags of primas and arranged them in clear glass vases...put up several of my own favorite creations (of course they match the decor) and a few from friends that I keep forever. If you don't see your card, please know I rotate these all the time, so there are usually at least a dozen...although today I'm just showing a very few. Remember you can click on the picture for a closer is a little difficult to catch the detail and still frame the entire piece.
I have this framed sentiment that I love which is shown in one of the reminds me that making cards is not the final end, it's remembering people and sending out cards that is the reason for my passion. I really don't want to lose sight of that...and this sentiment, "Write it on your heart that those you love are life's most precious gifts..." reminds me to write write write those cards.
See those framed roses in the center on both shelf units....that was a garage sale find years ago that I went and had framed. I love them. And the small dainty pedestal dishes with the roses on them is from a set of dishes that my Nana had that I decided to use to store things in. I do love to display beautiful things, and this set of dishes is so special to me.
Oh, and in the right corner, that tall thing with ribbons hanging from it is an antique coat rack, another find from about a year ago from a very old house in Loveland, Colorado. I decided I would hang ribbon that I bought just snippets of and didn't have an entire is pretty~
See that blue settee in the corner? That's a bit of a story, too. I have had that piece of furniture for over almost 16 years. I did give it away to a dear friend who needed it when I had a full place with no room. About 2 years ago, I talked with her and found out she was moving, and asked her if I could have it back. In the time that had elapsed, I had two daughters move out and a lot of empty space. It fit perfectly in my stamp room, I couldn't have been more pleased. It really does put an entirely true spin to the old adage, "What goes around, comes around." Who knew??
I will share more pictures of my room another day, but for today, just wanted to share with you my latest bargain that has me thrilled. I don't think these shelves could have been a better fit, color, or design for my space.
Thanks for looking...and sharing my happiness over my new find!!


  1. Hi Traci. Thanks for sharing the pics of your find! I really love the snippet of your craft room that you have shared. The shelves are an awesome find and I can see how they are a perfect fit for your crafting. I love the bead board look on the doors.

  2. Traci, these are definitely a MAJOR find! So beautiful! Now, look, 2 of us have posted who have never seen your craft room. But we'll get there one day! I HOPE!!!

  3. Wow, Traci, I am jealous! What a great room. It must be so nice and cozy.

  4. Oooo-laaa-laaa-laaaa, those are beautiful! I love wha tyou have done to the room. The sofa and the couch..the book cases and the prima bowls are just perfect. Love it!!!

  5. It is so wonderful to see this part of YOU.. I love it all.. You have wonderful taste my friend.. I LOVE the bookcases and all your treasures...I see my card there and it is just what I needed today. I love that you switch them around.. What a great idea.. Your chair is perfect for this room.. How great that you got it back after all these years.. It must have been a special chair.. We are redoing our basement and I can't wait to have a place to retreat to. This is so wonderful.. My daughter is coming for the summer and now you have me wanting to go to some garage sales.. Enjoy this to its fullest.

  6. WOW! Traci that is awesome. I love your room... looks so cozy!

  7. I have to laugh at your story! ....hurry before she changes her mind part about selling the bookcases! I am not sure which to be more in awe of, though. Your wonderful bookcases or your amazingly clean craftroom. WOW! I gave up on one of those. While it gets straighten from time to seems there is always pieces and parts everywhere! Fabulous craftroom! TFS!

  8. Oh made me feel like I was back visiting with you and Cindy.....and yet it was almost a year ago.....and yes.....your room is fabulous and those bookcases are a perfect addition to your tranquil, CLEAN, and lovely stamping room.....the exact opposite of my stamp cave

  9. just popped in from SCS to see your blog . . . and WOW, what an awesome find!! You are one lucky girl!! :) Now to see if my dear hubby could make me some like that. lol I better start watching Craig's list or shoppin the local yard sales, cause it will take him forever to get to it. LOL They are a perfect addition to your room. I love the settee as well! Hugs, Kel


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