Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pedal Pusher

Hi blogging friends! Happy June! I can't believe we are already nearing summer,can you? Way back in February, my youngest daughter, Erin, took us to a breeder she was considering for her first puppy. This was a "sample" of a sweet little cuddly fellow (that was about to go home with another owner.) I took a few pictures because I wanted to celebrate the moment...even though the actual puppy is still a few months from coming home with her. The Bernese Mountain is the breed she has chosen...they are supposed to be very mellow, sweet dogs...but big! And she lives in a two bedroom town home right in the heart of downtown Denver. Oh my is all I can say to that!
She is in line for the next male dog of the litter due sometime in September, I believe. I just recently took out my Papertrey Ink stamp, "Pedal Pusher," and found this cute puppy face that is one of the many options to fill the bicycle basket.
As I am a little rusty, the design was taken from Pinterest...but I changed up the colors and layout a bit. I love the way this card took shape...
That face looks a lot like the puppy's face in the photo, don't you think? This card just makes me smile. I added a bit of crochet ribbon over the basket to look like the puppy is swaddled in a blankie along with all sorts of fun embellishments to give this a little dimension.
As always, thanks for stopping in...your comments make me smile! 


  1. Oh, Traci, your daughter is beautiful, and what a cuddly pup!!! Oh, my! I love him/her! I've never heard of that breed, but I'm not big on dogs. But what a sweet and gentle kind of dog. She is going to love her pup, I'm sure! And I love the card you've made with that sweet little pup in the bicycle basket! Ah, just the sweetest and most darling card! I love the colors you've used! Such fun to stop by and to find out about your new "grand" dog coming in September! Hugs, sweet friend!

  2. What a beautiful daughter and one cute puppy.
    Your card is fabulous, love how you did the bike.

  3. Oh, what a big, fluffy, cuddly puppy! I would just be hugging on him all the time. Bet your beautiful daughter can hardly wait till September. Your card is absolutely darling, cheerful, and sweet, and, yes, the puppy does look very much like the one in your daughter's arms.


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