Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teapot Tuesday and my Stamp a Stack Christmas Cards

Is it Tuesday yet? I am late, as always, to the Teapot Tuesday party...but this week the destination is a hospice organization in Austin, Texas, and I couldn't miss sending a card to such a wonderful organization! You can view Cindy (Mothermark's) teapot Tuesday story by clicking on the black and white polka dotted teapot on my sidebar to read and laugh!!

The rest of the cards are from a Christmas card stamp-a-stack I attended over the weekend, at my demo, Carn's house. This was only 3 of the cards we made, I still have one more to make up! I don't have any of these stamps, so it is really nice to have a variety of cards to add to my small stash, and of course, I got home and had to add a silver pearl here, or some glitter there. The snowman was made of punches, and I am so punched challenged, I tell you, I had glue stuck everywhere. So if it were not for this class, I am sure my punches would be underused!
Tell me, which is your favorite of the Christmas designs? I'd really like to know!
We had snow last night, and this morning, a blanket of gentle peace covered the ground. So pretty!!
Thanks for stopping in, I've got French Roast on the menu, would you like a cup?


  1. These are wonderful Traci, your snowman is very cute and creative.

  2. Hi Traci! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I love your visits!!! Your cards are all lovely! Love the first one and what a great cause!!! You asked our fave of the Christmas cards and that's tough coz I love snowmen, but I have to say I love big snowflakes and so the last one is my fave... but honestly... anyone would be thrilled with ANY of these! How fun to get together and stamp! It's a dream of mine but never seems to come to fruition as I don't have a local demo! French roast sounds perfect... I'll be right over!!! Hugs,

  3. Wonderful cards Traci. Love your snowflakes and ornament.

    I'll take a cup of French roast!

  4. Oh how fun! What cool cards Carn came up with! I love the snowman one! Giggle...they are all awesome though!

    Thanks for coming to the teaparty Traci....its nice you are sending a card to the Hospice in Texas.....they will be thrilled to get our cards this week and yours is a wonderful addition to the group.

    I hope your mom has received lots of wonderful cards to share with your dad and I hope they are close to getting back home where they are more comfortable...Hugs.

  5. All of the cards are awesome! TFS these great ideas!

  6. French roast..Yummy.. We just got new Christmas coffees..Could you come stay for a week.. I could use the moral support.. :)

    I think the circle snowman is my fav.. I am so jealous of the snow.. We don't get much here in NC. It was 70 today.. Great cards Traci..Hugs.

  7. Hi Tracie, I guess if I have to pick I'll pick Peace, Love, Joy. I like all three though.

  8. WOW Traci, I can't get passed the snow man. He totally knocks my socks off. I keep scrolling back up just to have another peek at him. I so want to make a card just like it!! I can't even tell what the other cards look like, LOL. Funny thing is i don't do punch art and I don't do snowmen (it never snows here).

  9. they are all wonderful.....if I had to pick a fav then I would say the last cuz I just love the snowflakes


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