Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stamping Sisters in Christ, C4C21

This week's Stamping Sisters in Christ challenge was taken from Joshua 24:15..."As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." We were asked to make either a card to use for a house welcome, hospitality, or a home decor item.
Well, thankfully I had received this stamp set in the mail just the other day, and it has a chair in it. In my house, I have a chintz chair just like this in my bedroom. Next to it is a basket overflowing with notebooks, cards, my Bible, studies, mailers from missionary friends...and I thought about this a bit. That chair is a pivotal part of service for me.
Actually, I have two chairs that I sit in a lot at my house. The other chair is my swivel stamping chair in my stamp room. It is pretty comfy too. The chairs represent a bit of inner struggle I go through every day when I plant myself down. Most days I am drawn more frequently to my stamping chair than to my studying/praying chair. It is easier for me and my feet just do the walking and that is where I end up,usually with the intention of making a specific card for someone.
I just recently started a new Bible Study which also means more disciplined study is necessary to complete the course and do it well. So in the past 2 weeks as I head with my morning coffee, I have had to be more deliberate which comes first...the prayer/study chair or the stamping chair. For me, service means sitting first. I can't truly know what God desires for me any day unless I spend time with him first and talk with Him. The needs can be great, one person may need a card of cheer, another friend may be undergoing an upcoming surgery, maybe my adult children need me to do something for them, my parents need me, and the list goes on and on. I can easily feel overwhelmed and a bit unsure what to do first. Spending time in my chintz chair helps me to focus on the priority of the day, and gives me so much peace as I have a definite goal in mind.
So, I am really happy to be stamping, but I don't want to sacrifice the most important thing which is time spent with the Lord to do it.
One thing I have found and this is probably not a new thing for most of you...but suddenly as I am reading my Bible there are parts of it that are just coming to life in my head. I am reading in Genesis right now and am captured in my imagination the people of the drama as it unfolds from the pages of history. I see other people in my own life being paralleled by these Old Testament heroes and the words become alive. Wow, isn't that what it is supposed to be? But God is speaking to me in a way that seems clearer than it has in a long time. So, enough of my thoughts today...there is no cohesive end, it is just me desiring to serve God through knowing God more...
and hopefully loving Him and others better than before.
Oh, and my card, oh my, I have not watercolored in so long and it shows. I forgot which ink to use, do I get my paper wet before, do I use an aqua brush and if I use my watercolor pencils, how do I blend them. So there is not a lot of adornment on this card, just practice. I still like it alot and it makes me happy. Maybe I can use it for a thinking of you or a get well card. What do you think?

After visiting a friend's blog, I decided to add this to the Crazy4Challenges blog , this week to use pink in a card!! Yay, I love pink...and this blog is way too fun to miss!


  1. Traci your card is beautiful but I love what you wrote more. My desires are the same as yours....who wants to miss heaven for an addiction to stamping. My desire is to give God the glory He richly deserves.
    You've touched my heart! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us at SSCC. Come back often!

  2. Your thoughts have enlightened me tonight Traci.. I am inspired by what this chair represents to you.. I have struggled with time commitments and what is important in life lately.. My quiet time is late at night before I go to bed. The house is quiet and my day unfolds with a hot cup of tea (decaf of course because I am not a night owl like you) hehe.

    We are starting a new membership class at church tomorrow and I am so nervous about it..It is so great to surround yourself with the people that have the same ideals as you and I am looking forward to some new friendships along the way.

    I love this card and glad that it took you to a happy place. I admire your goals and future wishes..Hugs..

  3. I am so glad you posted it to the C4C challenge cuz it sure does fit perfectly....

    What a beauty....both your card and your wonderful thoughts shared in this post....


  4. Hi Traci - what a 'work of the heart' both your post and your card are!! It is a good thing to come aside and spend time with God, getting priorities right - it is so easy to get caught up in other things (like stamping) and put him last!! Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding us - it is such an 'ongoing' process and we need encouraging and reminding along the way - so thank you! I love this card and that gorgeous chair - the symbolism you have described here is perfect!! Great take on the SSCC! Thank you for sharing! {{{hugs}}}
    Linda LOC DT

  5. Traci, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. After reading this I realized even more so that I need to spend more time than I have been in the word and listening for God to speak. Recently a friend shared the cartoon image of a person sitting down with Jesus to talk and then as soon as the person finished talking, got up and left. Of course, what the person neglected to see was Jesus getting ready to provide enlightenment on the issues brought to him.
    Also, for not having watercolored in a long time, your work is absolutely awesome. it is sooo beautiful!

  6. Hello again Traci - congratulations on winning the LOC art stamp set from LOC - you are going to love them!! I look forwad to seeing what you do with them! God bless you! {{{hugs}}}
    Linda LOC Design Team

  7. Traci, I loved reading about your card. I'm so happy that you got the LOC stamp set. I love the one that I won a couple of months ago. I've been working on my priorities too. My blog and SCS are getting less time but I am finding out that it is ok.

  8. I just read the Stamping Sister's In Christ and saw that you won.. I am so excited for you..That is awesome..

    This post has been on my mind all week..:) It has inspired me to take that time each day...

  9. What wonderful comments. I do need to spend more time sitting in my prayer chair as well. What lovely watercoloring. I don't know how I missed this car before, but it is so soft and pretty and I'm so glad you won the stamp set this past week.


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