Friday, December 4, 2009

Dashing through the Snow!! Teapot Tuesday

This week's Teapot Tuesday challenge was to make a card of one of your favorite Christmas memories, or what you would most want to get for Christmas.
I made my card using last week's sketch challenge, giving my little friends and me a hill to ride our toboggan on. This stamp is my first ever Whipper Snapper and is so cute, I love it. I had ordered this along with some Magnolia images about 3 months ago...these penguins have been around the globe a few times, I think. The order was from the UK and I have no idea where the package went but finally had to go to the post office to pick it up.
It reminds me of my going to Disney World one year with our kids in January just after Christmas. While my two young daughters and their Dad were being whirled around on those really fast rides, I was riding by myself in one of those boats through the canals of "It's a Small World "...ya know the one with the singing people from various countries donned in their heritage costumes...I am sure that is just demented to some of you...and I am proud to say that I did make it down the Log Ride but seriously was looking for a place to jump off at the top of the mountain!! I was holding our oldest daughter's hand and she was having to reassure me...
well, so back to this card.
This is me and my stamping buddies...I am the one on the end and you can't see, but my flipper is dragging in the snow on the other side trying to slow the sled down. My friend, Charlene (Bertie) is on the top of the hill hurling snowballs at us...and we are dodging them coming down the hill. Oh what fun!!
And you, my friends, reading this, are the ones in front...we are having a good time, aren't we??
Thanks for coming along, I promise I won't drag my flipper the whole way...
What is your favorite winter time activity??


  1. You DID I love this memory.. It is the great memories of life that carry us through.. We went to WDW last year and I did not go on the ride and regreted it.. This is such a sweet image.. I love WS and this is perfect for a snowy day.. Great job Traci.. I am off to make mine. You will crack up.. I am only going to post in on SCS.. It's funny.Hugs to you and my you be blessed always. Keep stamping...

  2. I'll have to come back and read the post when I have my glasses on (contacts just aren't working) but the card is adorable!

  3. Hee hee! What a cute card and a great memory you shared. Do you know I know a couple who went on that ride on their honeymoon (the Its a Small World Ride) and the boat got stuck inside for four hours. They had those dolls screeching that song at them for four whole hours because they didn't turn down the sound. Don't drag your flipper in the snow, we want to go fast!!! Faster!!! Great little card.

  4. that Bertie is always throwing something-- snow, fish, anything she can get her hands on

    what a perfect use of that, festive and sweet

    I have been so lax in keeping up with seems to be so busy right a good tonight is my attempt to 'catch up' as much as possible

    hello, my friend

  5. That Bertie is a rotten shot! She can't hit the broad side of a barn! No worries about the flinging snow balls! Thats a good for you and your stamping buddies! Snort!

    OMG! What a fun, fun card and story. Love that penquin image! I always knew you were a big chicken Traci!


  6. Traci, love your card and thanks for sharing a wonderful memory. Sounds like you are wise and cautious lady!



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