Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Daughter's Bridal Shower!

Hi there, friends! If you are coming by for a little visit, welcome! I have been busy with planning the bridal shower for our oldest daughter, Caitlyn. Her little sister, Erin, and I spent about 2 months planning and each of us took on different responsibilities. It was clear from the start that I wanted more traditional (as in how I remembered my own bridal shower and the things that were important to me as her Mom) and our youngest daughter wanted more updated and fun it was a good mix of traditional and fun and I think everyone from young to old had a good time.
I will be sharing some photographs and if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will answer you.
Pinterest was such a big help in choosing decorating ideas, color schemes, and special touches that made the shower even more special.
First...the where: we decided to host the shower at our daughter, Erin's place in downtown Denver. She has a townhouse that has a very large deck almost double the width of her family room with a sliding patio door leading outside. We bought a large canopy to use and even though the forecast was for rain...thankfully the day was fairly mild and just a bit of wind.
I asked
 a friend to make this pinterest inspired chalkboard art for the entryway welcome. It turned out better than I had hoped and we displayed it on a table with all the party favors for parting guests, a small floral vase of white hydrangeas and baby's breath, and above there were hanging tissue paper flowers in hues of pinks, corals, and mint!  The sign was very large and made a wonderful greeting for guests announcing the big event.

I wanted a way for the older married women (that would include myself, Sherrie, the mother of the groom, and two attending friends of mine... and newlyweds to pass on wedding advice and so made a smaller chalkboard sign asking for the guests to take some time and leave some important words of wisdom. After most of the guests had left, the mother of the groom and I sat down and tried to write out some of our thoughts for Caitlyn...but it was a little difficult to think through exactly what to say! The word "key" was used as I had keys hanging from the mason jar and another good friend made these cards "Key for a successful Marriage" for guests to write on. I gave the decorated mason jar to Caitlyn to keep.
The printed out cards for wedding advice
The Key to a Happy Marriage Sign

The Menu:
I made three varieties of quiche:
Spinach, Cheddar and Bacon
Leek, Bacon and Gruyere
Caramelized Onion with Bacon and Cheddar
Ceasar Salad (easy in a bag)
Erin made:
Caresse Skewers
Watermelon, Feta and Mint
Spanakopita (from Trader Joe's)
Shrimp Cocktail
Caitlyn (center) in white, Erin in pink
Me, Erin (no, we didn't plan on our dresses to match), and the guest of  honor, Caitlyn

Future Mother of bride (Traci-me) and Mother of Groom  (Sherrie)
Handmade Party Favors (Lavender sugar scrub with almond oil)
Erin made up a beautiful Mimosa Bar!
A couple of more shots of the main food and dessert table. I made signage for all the food and stamped little "picks" that said "Happy Day!"
Mini Cupcakes from a specialty bakery in Denver
Thanks so much for coming by for a visit! I will have a couple of more photographs and more detailed information in my next post. It was a special memory made and everyone that was there commented how lovely it was and how much fun they had! Most of all, I think the bride to be felt honored, blessed, and loved!


  1. What a beautiful spread, and beautiful young hopeful bride to be. I know she has a good foundation and role models for her marriage. You and the groom's mom look so young to me!

  2. Lovely pictures from the event. My daughter is getting married in a few days and I’ll probably posting pictures too. The party has been arranged at one of the wedding venues and I’ve personally worked in all the decorations. I hope the pictures from the party will turn out just as great as your photos.


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