Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Traci's Treasure~

Our Daydream Design founder, Diane Noble, contacted the Design Team members a little while ago, asking for our favorite scriptures. Her intention was to design a set of scriptures using each of the ladies submissions. Well, we have three digital sets available in the Daydream Designs store, each of the scriptures is featured twice, one with extra color or added flourish or embellishment to bring the scripture alive! This is the Scripture Set 3, and you can find the entire threesome bundle here on the Daydream Designs store.
I can not tell you the excitement I have with my chosen verse. It is beautiful, majestic, glorious...I think Diane captured this verse beautifully in her digital rendition.
I made this card a couple of weeks ago, while working with several digital images. I wanted to use this beautiful  Elegant Snowflake papers also in the store; the red captured the regal look I was searching for to accompany the scripture.
This verse is my life verse. There are so many scriptures that I love, and some speak more loudly at times through the Holy Spirit than others...but this is one of those verses that embodies my life, my desires, my priority. Many many years ago, the first time I read this verse was a very aha! moment in my life. From then on, I strive to follow this verse and make knowing God and studying His word a priority.  I was reading a favorite devotional this month, and in it the author spoke of this word, "priority," stating that the original context and meaning of this word has always been singular. There are no "priorities," there is only one "priority." It is not until our American culture and the world we live in with all of our technology and gadgets that enables us to be doing three things at once (and brag about it, too!) the word became plural.  Priority. It is a struggle at times, it takes effort and intention and willpower to turn off the noise, and seek in the quiet the one thing God created us for. But when I do...there is so much peace there, so much rest, so much joy to the point of giddiness...of Him...that I wonder why I waited so long? 
This time of year, especially, it is easy to become distracted with the makings of Christmas, that we could possibly miss it. My pastor greeted me with a big smile at church Sunday, and asked "Are you ready for Christmas?" I thought for a millisecond of all the things I had not done... the shopping, the decorating, the baking, the card writing and sending, but I could honestly say, "Yes," even with a sparkle in my eye. I love Christmas, and I am ready...I am ready to welcome the Christ child and worship the King. I have been singing hymns while shopping, humming, marching around my kitchen to "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given..." and my doggies have marched along with me. This is such a joyful time of year, but really anytime we can have that joy when we spend time seeking Him and making Him the priority of all our life. He is worthy!!
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  1. Oh, Traci! This is simply stunning! The red is a gorgeous, bold background that beautifully frames your image, but the die cut pieces are amazing. And of course, I love the extra bling.

    Your post is so touching too. I know your heart for the Lord, and can see in everything you do that your desire is to put Him first. What a wonderful, inspiring life verse!

  2. He is worthy yes and seeking him is always something that will lead you where you need to be. Finding that our own knowdledge is nothing compared to his. Aawww... I needed this today Traci. Thank you! ;0) This is very pretty and wonderful design.

  3. Oh this is such a beautiful post Traci!!! I love your verse... it's one of mine as well, and soooo true! I loved reading your thoughts, especially on the fact that priority is singular! Had never thought of that but it certainly needs to be true when we prioritize our devotion to our Lord and Savior! There can be no other gods (or priorities) before Him! He IS worthy of our all. Thanks so much for this divinely inspired post!!!

    Hugs and blessings to you for a wonderfully joyful Christmas!!!

  4. Your card is gorgeous, Traci!!
    That's a great point that priority should not be plural!! Thanks for sharing your heart!!

  5. Love the thoughts that you shared! I am ready too! And such a lovely card.


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