Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dancing under the Stars

Do you ever receive a wedding invitation from a friend you haven't seen in over a year? And not an invite to the actual wedding, but the reception? It's a little awkward showing up at a reception I think Miss Manners would be scolding me right about now...this card is late, and so therefore the only challenge I met was getting it done, and if I actually get it mailed off to the happy couple, then I will have accomplished my goal.
This silhouette reminds me of the scene in my favorite movie, The Sound of Music. The couple are dancing in the gazebo with the moonlight casting a soft glow through the windows. I actually was able to visit that gazebo with the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria ...twice!! It was so much fun to learn the inside "scoop"...did you know Liesel fell off one of the gazebo benches while prancing around with Rolf and twisted her ankle? Well, my husband doesn't remember don't quote me...I could have the scene mixed up! I love that scene...and this paper seemed to mimic the gazebo to me...just use your imagination! This was an easy card to make, and I really liked the outcome!
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  1. I watched a documentary about the Sound of Music and they said the gazebo scene was the last they filmed, that Liesel slipped and put her foot through a pane of glass and had to have it bandaged up, with the bandage covered in make-up so it didn't show. They had to finish filming that day for some reason (can't remember why) so she danced the scene again and again on her poorly ankle, until they had it right. (Slightly obsessed with the film too!)

    Love the card and I agree, it does evoke the gazebo scene. The background is so subtle. Love it!

  2. so sweet and the blue with all the white...gorgeous


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