Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Snow

Yesterday I woke up to an enchanted winter scene. Overnight, the snow had fallen, draping the trees still heavy laden with golden amber leaves. It was beautiful, and magical...and then a little night-marish. My husband warned me not to look, but outside our kitchen bay window over-looking our two story deck were two of our most beautiful and mature Purple Ash trees. One had a side that had been torn from it's trunk and lay stretched out covering the entire expanse of our lawn. The other tree, though not as severe, had lost about a fourth of it's branches. I was heartbroken. Of course, we did call the tree trimmers, but the entire town had been shrouded in the early wet snow, and apparently we will be on a long wait list.  So we will have to wait and see what the plan is, the estimate for removal, and if at least one can be salvaged.
However, I still do love snow, and last night as I walked out our front door, the snow sparkled and glistened against the street lights.
 This morning as I drove around, I marveled at the beauty of the aspen leaves peeking through the heavy snow. This is our first snow of the year, and because of the warm temperatures, it came down heavy and wet. In a few days, it will all be melted and I wouldn't be surprised if we have many more temperate days before winter arrives once more.
I made this card with Flourishes stamps, using the Basic Grey Jovial paper to mimic the starry night sky. The snowy panel was just drawn and cut out, then lots and lots of sparkly glitter added for the snow. I hope it brings you a smile!!
Thanks so much for your visit...I may take a picture and add it later when I am feeling less stunned by the scene of our fallen tree.


  1. we had our first snow too....yesterday and today....and at one time, over 850,000 were without power in CT....we luckily never lost power....we got lucky in that we had a few inches of snow and then rain and then a few more inches of our final accumulation was not as bad as other areas that had up to 18 inches......we broke all records for snowfall in October......phew

    your happy little snow scene reflects the wonder of the first snow in the minds of children and skiers......

  2. I love this little snowy scene Traci! Wonderful touches of sparkle!

  3. I love this cute snowman. A really sweet card. Sorry about your trees.


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